“Matthew 7:23” worries…

Depart from me

If you’re like me, you might occasionally have what are called “Matthew 7:23” worries. You know the verse, that terrifying one. Jesus declares that there are some who will have professed his name, but ultimately Jesus will say “depart from me, for I never knew you”.

The danger it seems is that we can do good things, for the wrong reasons. My worry comes every now and then in the form of a question. “Is he talking about me?”.

The only helpful bit of advice I’ve heard to resolve this worry, came from one of my favourite authors Adrian Plass in his most recent book. He wrote very simply: “Learn to love Jesus, and then do what he says”

Not the other way around.

Thank you Adrian.


4 thoughts on ““Matthew 7:23” worries…

  1. I once heard a sermon concerning Matt 7:23 that of course put me in a near panic. After a few days of stewing in it God brought to my heart this: “Would I be this panicky about not knowing Jesus and worrying about Him rejecting me if I wasn’t completely hung up on Jesus?” Later one of my church pastors said almost the same thing to me.

    Fear and confusion are a sure sign that satan is lurking. Great post and very honest. I don’t know how many would post about something so personal.

  2. pattimccarty says:

    That’s a good word. I think when we love Jesus that is what compels the doing, which makes all the difference in the world. And I’d not heard of Adrian Plass before, but the book you referenced sure looks interesting and fun! I might have to check that out!

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